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What oil is used for maintenance of hydraulic jacks?

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The jack is the simplest lifting device with a small lifting height (less than 1m). It is a light lifting device that USES a steel jacking piece as the working device and lifts heavy objects in the stroke through the top pedestal or the bottom pedestal claw. Divided into mechanical and hydraulic type of two, jacks are mainly used in factories and mines, transportation departments as vehicles repair and other lifting, support and other work. Its structure is light and firm, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate. In addition, the shear jack, as a tool with a wide range of use, adopts high quality material casting, which ensures the quality and service life of the jack.

Hydraulic transmission power, slow, greasy. Gas transmission speed, clean, small force. Repair shop jacks generally use hydraulic, household, according to their own actual situation and requirements to choose.

The most basic principle on which hydraulic transmission is based is PASCAL's principle, which is that the pressure of a liquid is the same everywhere, so that in a balanced system the smaller piston exerts less pressure and the larger piston exerts more pressure to keep the liquid at rest. So by passing the liquid, you can get different pressures on different ends, and you can get a transformation. The hydraulic jacks we commonly see take advantage of this principle to achieve the transmission of force.

The environmental conditions of hydraulic equipment to choose oil: for example, in the high temperature heat source or near the open fire should generally choose the fire-resistant hydraulic oil; In cold region, oil products with high viscosity index, good low temperature fluidity and low freezing point should be selected. Open air and other moisture in the environment coat to consider the choice of good anti-emulsifying oil products.

According to the use of oil temperature select oil varieties. According to the difference of oil temperature, different oils should be selected, the viscosity temperature characteristics and thermal stability of oil products should be considered, when the ambient temperature is high, the viscosity grade of oil should be appropriately improved. Lower viscosity oils should be used in winter and higher viscosity oils should be used in summer.

Select oil type and viscosity according to pressure range. Generally with the increase of pressure on the lubricating oil that is, the wear resistance of the requirement to increase, so high pressure should choose good wear resistance, pressure oil.

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