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How to use car jack when changing spare tire?

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When driving on the road, sometimes there will be a flat tire, so we need to use the car jack when we change the spare tire. But for many novice drivers, they are not familiar with the use of car jack. Here is how to use the car jack.First of all, at present, there are two common types of on-board jack, one is rack jack, the other is screw jack. The advantages of these two kinds of Jack are small size and do not occupy space, so they are very suitable for on-board Jack. In terms of support structure, the current jack is mainly diamond structure jack, while the herringbone structure jack is less equipped with herringbone structure Jack because of the poor stability of support points.

Then, before using the jack, we'd better put on a pair of anti-skid gloves to operate the jack, which is not only convenient to make the force, but also can play the role of protecting our hands. Then we can start using the jack.1.jpg

We need to fix the vehicle first, that is to say, whether it is a manual vehicle or an automatic vehicle, we need to shift the gear to P in advance, and then pull up the handbrake, so as to ensure safety. Avoid the unstable lift of the car, which will hurt people. Next, we must remember the necessary safety warning measures, and put the warning triangle within the safe distance behind the car. If it is on the urban road, it needs to be placed at least 50 meters away from the back of the car; if it is on the highway, it needs to be placed at least 150 meters away from the back of the car. Then we can start fixing the jack. Be careful not to put the jack on the soft ground. If we can't find a solid ground, we can pad wood, floor tiles, iron plates, etc. under the jack

Finally, we need to align the jack with the vehicle chassis support point, and then when operating the jack, the lifting action must be uniform. In this way, the vehicle can be jacked up smoothly.

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